My work environment

I work as a web developer and devops engineer.

The company I work for is specialized in creating custom web apps and intranet portals for other business. We mostly work with Java, HTML, JS and CSS.

For our customer I help managing their API ecosystem, mainly by automating the api management system used to provide those APIs to their customers. This system also manages the authentication and authorisation of api requests. My colleague and I also develop a custom API Developer Portal for them.

Working in the DevOps environment as well, I'm making sure the systems we create can be automatically deployed into kubernetes. I help to set up other cloud ressources needed for these systems like proxies, databases etc.

If you're interested about the company I work for head to their website:

Mercatis GmbH

Stay tuned
for my new Website

I'm currently in the process of making a new website. The website will replace this landing page when it's ready.

Email Address
[email protected]